Four Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Success


Are you having a hard time reaching your goals? Is your life not quite what you thought it would be? Do you ever wonder why some people have it all and you just can’t seem to make it happen? Do thoughts like these litter your life and keep you from reaching your full potential?

90% of your success is based on your mindset. You need to ask yourself: do you have the right mindset to get to where you want to go? Or, do you have some limiting beliefs keeping you stuck?

Limiting beliefs are not something we are born with, in fact, they are oftentimes things we are taught. They are something that we decide to believe sometimes consciously and sometimes it’s unconsciously.

Frequently, we pick them up in childhood or in those critical growth years when we're young. However we got them, these limiting beliefs run our lives. They prevent us from becoming who we wish to become, doing what we want to do, and having what we want to have. Your limiting beliefs become your truth and stand in your way of creating the life you want. We all have them, but it’s up to us if we decide to keep them!

Some limiting beliefs are super obvious. For instance: I’m not good enough, smart enough, I’m too old, or I’m not pretty enough.

Other limiting decisions are a little less obvious and harder to uncover. Maybe you catch yourself saying something like, “ The economy is so bad, no one is getting jobs right now.”  Or even saying things like: I don’t have enough time, I am not organized, I am a procrastinator, or I just can’t handle it. 

These limiting beliefs are the ones that are stopping you from going after and achieving your best life! 

So, how do you know what limiting beliefs are holding you back? Look at your life right now. The result you have is exactly the result you believe. Tony Robbins says “who you are is the direct reflection of the story you tell yourself.” That can be a tough one for a lot of people to accept. 

But actually, knowing that you have created your current results can be empowering! It shows you that you can achieve the results you want by changing the beliefs you have ingrained in you.  

Say, for example, your financial life is a mess. You work really hard and make good money, but you haven’t been able to get out of debt. You’ve cut back expenses, tried budgeting, and done everything you can think of—but you’re falling further behind.

So, what are the results you’ve produced? Where are your results that are not in alignment with what you really want to be, do, or have? What area of your life have you really tried to improve but, no matter what, things just didn’t get better?

That’s the place to start to look for your limiting beliefs. 

So what can you do to get rid of them? 

Step 1: BECOME AWARE: Really ask yourself: what are your limiting beliefs?  What do I believe about:

  • Myself
  • Relationships
  • My career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • My past
  • My future

Write down your beliefs on a piece of paper and see how strong each one is and what emotions come up when you read them. Once you have made yourself aware of them you open up the pathway to change. 

Step 2: ACCEPT THE REALITY: Realize that these are beliefs, not truths! They only become your truth when you give them POWER by believing them to be true. You have the choice to make them true or not. 

Step 3: EXCHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS: This is key! Once you have taken the time to acknowledge your limiting beliefs and have come to terms with what they really are, use your imagination and replace them with a new one belief that is more aligned with what you really want.

The trick, though, is to go beyond just saying it. You have to really step into your new beliefs and experience how they feel. 

Step 4: TAKE ACTION:  To change and get rid of this limiting belief you must work at it, not just speaking it into existence. You must take action! This might feel daunting at first, going directly against a thought process you've fooled yourself into believing for so long, but you must act as if your new belief is true. Just as you told yourself for ages that your limiting belief is true, now do the exact same for your new beliefs.  

If you avoid taking any steps towards your new belief, you will just fall back into your old beliefs. Taking action, even the smallest step, will help solidify your new un-limited decision. It doesn't have to be perfect at first, it will be hard and challenging! But, as long as you start heading in the right direction, you can't go wrong. And lastly, be sure to acknowledge and praise yourself when you’ve taken that step. You're going to love what happens next!! 

When you become aware of your thought patterns and beliefs you can begin to manifest the things in your life that you want instead of what you don’t want. It all begins within. 

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