Wellness...the Balance We All Desire

We hear this term a lot! Wellness. But what is it? Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful existence.


Wellness is a state of good health, which encompasses the whole self. That can only be achieved when there is a balance. There are so many tools to help achieve this balance such as eating right, meditating, yoga, exercise, adequate sleep, natural supplementation, drinking more water, spending time in nature and so forth and none of them are going to balance the body on their own, they all play a part in the balancing act. Our job is to find where that balance is for us and this balance must begin with the mind. Once you can get your thought life going in the right direction all of those other things will find their way into our balancing act. 


The mind and body are interconnected and physical health can affect emotional well-being and vise versa. When one gets inadequate nutrition creating an imbalance within the body, psychological issues can ensue and chronic stress can contribute to a number of physical health conditions. In turn, if one's thought life and emotional state is off kilter the body can react by creating dis-ease. If you are experiencing chronic issues such as sleep, headaches, mood, skin, energy, autoimmune, BM issues, among many others, it may be a good time to look at your overall health and see what you could be doing to help develop balance in your life.

True health involves the whole self, body, mind and soul. All must be balanced and in harmony in order to attain that state. To achieve balance one must have the ability to adapt to and adjust to change within each of those parts of the whole self. When that can be done and maintained positive attributes emerge such as happy thoughts and feelings, energy and vitality, joy and even bliss. We all are wired with the ability to find this serenity but so few of us are willing to embrace change due to fear. Fear is an illusion though, it's just a thought. Learning to face fear with truth, which is based in love, is the way towards allowing what is to be. And allowing what is to be is the path towards balance. Change is good my friends. Allow life to happen, don't resist what is, have faith in love and the Source of all. Health and happiness are yours for the taking. 


Wellness is your birthright, your gift from nature, your gift from Creation but in order to obtain it you must do your part. You are responsible for you. Remember, nothing is impossible, only "I'M Possible" and you deserve to live the best life that is attainable. The most important thing is to do something. I'm cheering for you!