What Our Emotions Are Telling Us

Emotional health is a key component to overall health and wellness. Emotions are part of our soul, the core of our being. Much like a compass, our emotions are our guidance system and are perfect indicators regarding which direction we are heading in life.


If we think about a compass we can see how they relate. A compass is an instrument that is used for determining directions by a magnetic needle that is constantly being attracted to the north. Much like a compass, our emotions are continually, magnetically, attracting like energies within the body and without. Our emotions are constantly informing us about what is occurring in our bodies and in our circumstances by how we feel.



We could say that our feelings and emotions are the heart of life and this is why it is crucial that we get in tune with them. In totality, if we reflect on this a bit, it is quite evident that our experiences here on earth are actually an emotional experience and not a physical one. Everything is centered around our emotions.

Our subconscious mind is the driving force behind our emotions. This part of ourself doesn’t discriminate, judge, or censor. It accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition, positive or negative. It doesn't asses things like your conscious mind does. This is why it is so important to be aware of what you are thinking. Our emotions are the doorway to this driving force and learning how to feel and direct our emotions is key towards becoming a deliberate creator and living intentionally.

Truth be told, we all want to feel good but due to the fact that we have been told so often by others that our feelings are wrong, that we shouldn't be feeling this way and basically conveying that feelings are bad, we disconnect and tune out our emotions. We all have done this with others as well as with ourselves and this is because we do not understand what emotions are, which are gifts from our Creator to help us experience life. 

So how do we become more conscious of our emotions and learn to guide them in the direction that we desire? We need to start by acknowledging what we are feeling and that those feelings are coming from a very powerful part of ourselves that continually acts upon our thoughts and emotions. That part of us that I referred to earlier as the subconscious mind. Once we are aware of this we can begin to learn how to drive our own car, or rather steer our own path. We do this by becoming self aware. 

Emotions are feelings and perceptions that have been labeled, or given a name. Once we become aware of that we can begin to choose what and how we want to perceive things so as to change how we feel. Yes, choice plays a huge part in this for sure! We can become self aware by quieting the mind through yoga, meditation or some form of stillness. Once we do this it will get much easier to stop, listen, observe and choose the thoughts and perceptions we desire to experience. 

Emotions are something we should all embrace and are key towards living an optimal life.