The Ability to Choose Is a Gift

Did you know that we have been given this really cool gift that we can use at any time, any place and for any reason? Yes, and this gift is called choice. This gift is ours to use whenever we choose and is most helpful when we desire to steer our lives towards the light of love, which is where happiness, peace and contentment can be found. The even cooler thing about this gift is we can use it to literally transform any situation, any thought, any experience in an instant. This gift is wrapped in grace and the name tag on this gift has your name written all over it. It belongs to you! It has no strings attached, that is why it is a gift. It is yours to keep and yours to use at your will. The only thing you have to do is receive this gift and that is done by acknowledging it's existence. Once you do that you can use it whenever the need arises.


One hint about using this gift wisely is that you as the observer of your world must train your brain to become a witness to your thoughts.  At any moment you can change any craziness that may be bombarding your mind by choosing in that instant to see things differently. Stop, observe and choose change. 

Reality will always draw you towards clarity and that clarity will always be based in love. If you are seeing things in a negative, defensive, fearful way you KNOW that is not truth. Stop at that very instant and tell your self "I choose to see things differently, I choose to see through the eyes of love". Do this as often as needed, it is your gift to use.

What is seeing through the eyes of love? It is connecting with your inner Source and allowing that loving presence to guide your thoughts and perceptions. That inner voice always points us toward seeing the good in all and in every circumstance. This presence is filled with peace and harmony and will never lead you towards chaos and fear. 

No, not all circumstances look or feel good, but that doesn't mean there isn't something beautiful waiting to blossom and grow from it. All experiences are seeds planted to help us to expand into who we were created to be. All that shows up in our life is there to teach and to lead us towards our higher self, which is the soul's compass. 

This inner guide is available to us at every moment of every day. Slowing down enough to quiet the chatter is key. This can be done by practicing things such as meditation, yoga, walking or sitting in nature. Finding that sweet spot in your mind where there is no thought is the intention here. Once you can find that space and feel the peace that comes with it you will want to come running back for more! This place of peace and stillness opens up the channel that allows that inner wisdom and love to come pouring through.


So you see, this gift of choice comes from within. It is inherent in every human. This gift is connected to our inner guidance system and is always there waiting to lead the way. 

Transform your world by using your gift of choice. It is yours to use to create love for yourself and for others, which has always been the purpose of it all. Do this and you will see your world overflow with joy, loveliness, happiness, fun, beauty and all things good.