Some Simple, Yet Profound Words

I was meditating today and really seeking some answers. I asked some questions before settling my mind and allowed the peace that surpasses all understanding to take hold of me. As I basked in the magnificent feeling of love that enveloped my entire being I heard the words spoken very clearly to me, "if you FEEL no then no will come, if you FEEL yes then yes will come".  I came out of my meditation and reflected on those words for a bit and found them to be truly freeing.


I am a true believer that our thoughts become things and I have been practicing becoming a deliberate creator for the past couple of years and sometimes find myself up against a wall. So this morning as I went into my meditation I asked for clarity on a specific issue. Those words that I heard were quite clear! Simple, yet profound. You see, words are symbols, they have meaning and represent an idea. Thoughts are not just words, they are words (ideas) combined with the belief or feeling represented by the symbol. Those feelings become an energy that is projected out to the universe and find other matching energies like it and like a boomerang it comes back, bringing along what it what it attracted along the way. The old "what goes around comes around" is full of truth! 

So the words I heard "if you FEEL no than no will come, and if you FEEL yes, then yes will come" made something so seemingly difficult to me (my issue) become simple and clear. Whatever I feel (my belief) combined with an idea (or symbol) is what will be played out in my life. It's not that just "thinking" become things, but it's the thoughts combined with emotions or feelings that create an energy that goes to work to manifest that something in our experience. We think things all of the time that don't create, and how thankful I am for that! Could you imagine the chaos! No, it's those words, symbols or ideas backed up by emotions that get focused into energy that produce an outcome. 


If I am desiring a specific outcome in life to occur, yet my thought on it is "I would really like to have that", those thoughts represent the symbol of lack, of not having it, and I can feel the lack of not having it, so naturally what shows up in my life is not having the thing I desire. It's strange though, because our conscious minds are really wanting that something but our subconscious mind, which is where all of our actions and feelings are derived, do not hear what you would like to have, it just hears what you feel and that is the fact that you don't have that something. So the vibe or energy that is released is not having, so not having shows up. Crazy, right?

If you are new to this concept, bare with me, this is life changing and is at the core of being a deliberate creator. I'm an artist and when I go into my studio with no inspiration I find myself just kind of wandering around. I may play with some paint on a canvas but end up not accomplishing a thing. My thoughts going in were "I don't have any idea what I'm going to paint, I have no inspiration but I want to paint something so I'm going to try anyway" and of course these thoughts are backed up by the feeling of the lack of inspiration and my subconscious mind reads me perfectly!  I end up producing nothing. Even though I thought I really wanted to paint something my subconscious mind, which is the energy maker, mover and shaker, read what I was feeling, which was no vision and therefore that is what I produced. 

I could've changed all of that around by taking some time before I walked in to my studio to stop and visualize beautiful artwork, or browse on the computer at others beautiful art, or I could've gone for a walk on the beach and allowed nature to fill me, I could've done something to help ignite that FEELING of inspiration so that once I walked into my studio my subconscious mind would be ready to inspire a work of art. It would have read the feeling of beauty and color and would have given off that creative flow of energy that creates masterpieces. 

The subconscious mind does not hear what you say, it hears what you feel related to the symbol or thought you are thinking about. It is truly an amazing thing and once we can grasp the significance of this we can change our life to be all that it was designed to be. 


Life is a canvas and each of us are the artists of that canvas. Whether we realize it or not we are constantly creating. We were created to create. It's meant to be fun, full of love and all things good. Becoming a deliberate creator helps us to accomplish all that we desire by learning to seek within that love that is there by shutting off the part of us that lives in fear. We all have unlimited potential stored within that has been gifted to us by the Source of all and we are completely responsible for how we use it.

Mastering the art of creation has become one of my deepest passions. I believe with all of my heart that learning to do this deliberately can create a world full of miracles, love and beauty.