Life is a journey filled with experiences. These experiences are designed to lead us towards our destiny, which is to know who we really are. Here I share my path towards that finding in hopes that I may help others find theirs. One way or another we will all find our way but doing it with others is so much more fun! 



My journey is one that many women can relate to, not just those who have experienced breast cancer but all women. We have all dealt with adversity, hardships and difficult circumstances that have hopefully brought us closer to finding true happiness. Please join me in my journey towards finding that truth. My hope is to help you find yours as well. 

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Two of my favorite hobbies is painting and writing. Here we explore the creative side of life, art, color, writing, design, including self design. We were born to create and this cool canvas called life is full of our many masterpieces, some born and some waiting to be born. Here we explore how to create and to do it deliberately. 

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