Six of My Top Favorite Quotes


Hi there! I've started this blog in hopes that somehow in the future I can be an inspiration, friend or mentor to others. (To find out more about me please check out my about me page). So with that as my intro I thought I should start with something inspirational. I'm a huge fan of inspirational quotes. I have notebooks full of them and several chalkboards around my house where I display them. I enjoy searching for new quotes frequently because I am continually finding new, interesting people such as authors and inspiring speakers. I have a board on Pinterest I've been working on with lots of quotes, but I wanted to share some of my favs here. Putting them into a post like this helps to refresh my memory, as to why I was originally inspired by them in the first place. 

All of these quotes are from authors, some still around while others are from the early 1900's (some of my favorite authors come from that era, more about that in a future post!) You may be familiar with some yourself, but if not I highly recommend checking each one of them out. 

I started this post as actually my top five favorite quotes, but I had such a hard time narrowing it down. So, I changed my title and went with these six: 


This last one is from the bible, an all time favorite!


I would really love to hear some of your favorite quotes as well. I love words that inspire greatness! 

Luv ya!