What Happens When You Receive That Dreaded Call

Two years ago today the phone rang and with a heavy heart and much hesitation I answered. I recognized the number, it was my doctor, and I knew this call could go one of two ways. One would leave me jumping for joy and the other would bring me to tears. I'll never forget the words when she said..."Your biopsy came back positive for breast cancer". BOOM! I was floored!


I went into sheer denial. There was no way that could be accurate...cancer? In my body? Sure I felt the lump, so did my hubby, but I thought it was just a muscle. Cancer? I could not wrap my mind around it. I had always been healthy, very conscious of what I ate, and I took a ton of vitamins and herbs (though now I know those were all literally getting flushed down the toilet), I exercised 5 times a week, I was healthy! Or so I thought.

Up to this point I hadn't even told my husband I had a biopsy done so I had to prepare myself to share this life changing info with him, which I dreaded. There was such a huge part of me that wanted to pretend it was a mistake and sharing it with anyone would make it real. But of course, I came to my senses and broke the news to the person who means the most to me in this world. 

He was just as stunned as I was. We were getting ready to close on a home in just 5 days, moving to another state, changing jobs, we didn't even know a soul down there, no doctors... Yes, we were heading out on a new adventure but didn't expect it to include this. 

Needless to say, this all took Kevin and I to places we had never been for sure! Devastation is a good adjective to describe how we felt. I knew this wasn't going to get the best of me though, I knew this was the beginning of an adventure that could either take me down one of two paths, one towards fear or one towards love and I had to choose quickly which path I wanted to hop on. 

The doctors didn't give a whole lot of information, they told me what the protocol was and expected me to follow. They said "we don't know how one gets cancer, some just do"...ummm...WHAT?? I didn't buy that for a second!! So of course like most anyone would do in this situation I headed to one of my closets friends, who tends to find lots of answers for me, my buddy Google. I knew he would help me out so I went to work. 

Of course the first things I pulled up were full of doom and gloom crap that did a whole lot of good for my anxiety level at that point. Yep! Lots of fearmongering going on for sure! I get it though. Many of those people touting all of that fear have good intentions, many have been devastated by cancer and I get that, but fear only breeds more of the same so after I had my fill of it I went a different route. 

As I began to recalibrate my search efforts I began to feel a sense of ease. Somehow, someway I would come out of this feeling better than ever, I just knew it! This was my determination, which then turned into a passion. I was determined to help others through my situation! I was not going to let this life lesson pass me by! I was going to learn all I could from it and share it with anyone who would listen.

My search led me to learn so much more about health and nutrition then I could ever have anticipated. I am a certified Wellness Coach and am required to take credited courses in order to maintain my certification and I had taken nutrition courses from prestigious universities and never learned or even heard about the things I was discovering. I began to feel a huge sense of empowerment and hope. I knew I was on to something! 

By this time the distress about my situation began to subside and I began to feel whole again. I knew that I would have to become a believer in all that I was uncovering and part of that had everything to do with my thought process. So I began meditating to help me get a grip on my thoughts and consciously guide them to what my desired outcome of all of this would be.

Everything I was learning pointed straight at the immune system as being the key factor relating to disease within the body, along with inflammation, blood sugar regulation and improper nutrition, all of which are tied to the gut. All of my adult life had already been spent eating "healthy" and doing everything "right" and I thought I was healthy, heck, the docs said I was! But there were so many signs that should've been red flags that were never flagged, just masked. Things such as problems with my BMs, chronic headaches, fatigue, chronic sleep issues, weight issues, mood issues, autoimmune issues, under active thyroid, high blood pressure...the list goes on! Healthy? Hmmm...

From this point I began to implement nature back into my life. I thought I was already doing that but I hadn't truly been. Nature is whole foods, colorful (like the rainbow) and void of chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars and artificial sugars. I dumped the GMO's and tried to go organic or local farming whenever possible. I still drank my wine (got to enjoy life!) and only used no hormone, no antibiotic dairy and meat.

I also added a bunch of quality vitamins, mineral & herbal supplements (dumped all of my grocery store and local vitamin store stuff). Everything I researched showed study after study that our foods cannot meet our nutritional needs due to our environment (stress, chemicals, pesticides, depleted soils and so on) so quality supplementation was a must! 

At first I was adamant about not going the traditional route. I was so disheartened with western medicine and truly believed I could beat this holistically. That freaked my family out and got a whole lot of "no way" from them all. I knew without the support of my family going that route would not work. I am a huge believer in energy & vibes so having the negative coming from them would not give me the positive I needed to do it my way. So we made an agreement, I would use the traditional methods as long as they would all support me doing all of the holistic stuff as well. No negativity was allowed, no crying, no doubting and NO TALK of side effects. We were going to act as if I was already healed. Thankfully they all agreed as well as all of my doctors. 

Treatments began quickly and I began my daily regimen. I ate raw whole foods, took amazing quality supplements and herbs, I spent lots of time in nature moving and meditating. I de-stressed big time by learning to quiet my mind and I began diving in deep into personal self development and spiritual books, audios and videos. Needless to say, the combination of all of these changes holistically combined with my traditional medical treatments synergistically worked! I did fabulous through it all, felt amazing and experienced no side effects (except hair loss, which I loved). 


So here I am, two years later, no cancer, no stress, loving life and healthier than EVER! I have such a deeper understanding of life, I'm much more spiritual and feel a keen connection with our Creator. I know now that happiness is within and peace is attainable. I know that life is meant to be enjoyed, fun and full of evolution and adventure. I know now that relationships are the icing on the cake of life and that love is the glue that holds the Universe together. So what happens when you receive that dreaded call? You be the judge. 

Hugs my friends! 


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