Freedom, My Favorite Word!

HI all! It’s been quite some time since I have posted an update. My last post was in January and since then a lot has happened. For one, I have hair! First it came in very salt & peppery along with lots of curls. I kind of looked like a wet poodle. I was fighting the curls, which became to be more of a hassle than anything, so I decided to color it brown and embrace the curls. 

Kev & I on a cruise celebrating my remission!

Kev & I on a cruise celebrating my remission!

I have had a follow up visit with my Oncologist who told me on I was cancer free and in remission and also had a follow up with my Radiologist Oncologist that said I was free as well! Freedom! Life is amazing, right? I also started taking my “insurance policy”, Tamoxifen. It’s been a month since starting it and I feel great! Zero side effects! Before starting on it I made a concerted effort to avoid any and all info on possible side effects involved with it. I looked up what the benefits were and found some amazing positives and that’s what I’m focusing on. 

Let me explain why my doctors refer to it as an insurance policy:

It’s estimated that about 70% of breast cancers are identified as estrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive), meaning they express estrogen receptors and grow when exposed to the hormone estrogen. Tamoxifen, an estrogen receptor antagonist (meaning it prevents activation) is used to reduce cancer recurrence and mortality in premenopausal women with ER-positive breast cancer (which is what I had). It helps to prevent it from happening again! There are not many cancers that have this kind of insurance policy so those of us that have been blessed with stuff like this need to be singing praises! Gifts for sure!

Tamoxifen does have other health benefits as well, such as helping with McCune-Albright syndrome, retroperitoneal fibrosis, infertility in women, gynecomastia, bi-polar disorder, angiogenesis, helps in the control of gene expression and riedel thyroiditis. More studies on the benefits of Tamoxifen continue.  

A really amazing thing that coincided with my taking Tamoxifen is that I am also taking a natural supplement that I started before chemo to combat any possible neuropathy issues. I never experienced any nerve issues whatsoever, but now that I am finished with everything and feel so amazing, I thought I may not really need to take the supplement anymore. I decided to research the ingredients just to make sure there wasn’t anything in it that I may want to continue taking for future health benefits. 

To my surprise I found many wonderful ingredients in it, but one particularly struck me. It’s called Quercertin. I started researching this plant pigment (flavonoid) and found it is currently used to treat cancer in other parts of the world and, here’s the even greater thing, studies show that when taken with Tamoxifen it increases the effectiveness of the estrogen blocking effects, no kidding! I have been taking an anti-tumoral flavonoid that works hand in hand with a conventional med that has actually been studied together and proven to be a winner! How cool is that? Needless to say I continue to take the supplement right along with my Tamoxifen, doctor approved of course! 

Why is this finding important? Research has shown that tamoxifen has no therapeutic effect in almost 50% of breast cancer patients that are positive for hormone receptors. Meanwhile, secondary resistance has also been shown to occur due to a prolonged course of tamoxifen treatment in 40% of the patients who responded effectively to the treatment in its initial phase. 

A recent study suggests that Quercetin has the ability to enhance the sensitivity to tamoxifen  and improve its therapeutic properties. The results strongly suggest that Quercetin can reverse tamoxifen resistance in a breast cancer cell line. (resource

  The study goes on to say that Quercetin is an aldose reductase inhibitor of the flavonoid family that has been used in Chinese herbal medicine. It can down regulate Her-2 expression and inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cells. Furthermore, Quercetin can also function as a metabolic antagonist by inhibiting glucose uptake and metabolism in breast cancer cells through ER-independent signaling.

This is not something that I have heard talked about in the breast cancer community, so I'm grateful to have found the information. I definitely feel blessed to have been taking this herb for the past 10 months! Now I feel the importance of sharing what I have discovered with others.  I’m not a doctor but I am a conqueror and have walked the cancer journey and believe I do have some info that can help anyone else going through it to live optimally through it all and then beyond! 

Aside from all of the medical stuff I am also continuing my research on all of the latest natural gifts from nature that contribute to optimal health and cancer prevention. I will be posting all of my findings here on this website under my Wellness page. 

I have also started my own business, Tash Blum, Inspirational Artist, Writer and Speaker as well as my ongoing home business selling Plexus products along with utilizing my Wellness Coaching Certification. So far I’m doing really well and my art has been selling like crazy! Soon I will be posting my art here for purchase as well. 

There is so much to be excited and thankful for! We really have been gifted with so many amazing things to help us to be healthy, happy and to live harmoniously in this world. My three take aways and focus for this year are: get your mind healthy; get your gut & immune system healthy; live your dreams! Done!

Love you all!!