Three Down, Three More to Go!

Hi All! It’s been 10 days since my third chemo treatment and I feel great! I did take a nap in the middle of the day, which seems to be the norm for me these days, but other than the need for a daily siesta, I’m good! The first 5 days following my last treatment I felt super tired and achy. I continue to experience various chemo side effects but thankfully they aren't anything I can't handle. This time around I had horrible indigestion and have developed a weird rash all over my body. But my taste buds are still intact and my hair seems to be growing back. It’s all weird, you never know what to expect.


Since my last blog post quite a bit has transpired, which has most definitely put me behind schedule in my writing I recovered from my second treatment, moved into our beach house, spent lots of time unpacking and have even had a couple of visitors.  It’s been great! We are now residents of the Fort Morgan area of Gulf Shores, Alabama and we absolutely love it! We live on some sand dunes about 600 feet away from the ocean and have an amazing amount of vegetation and wildlife in our front yard with the ocean as our backyard. It’s really a unique property and we truly feel blessed.


Move in week posed quite a challenge for me due to the fact I was still dealing with some side effects from my chemo treatment the week before such as fatigue, a sore throat and aches in my bones. Never the less, the excitement of it all energized me and I was able to gather up enough strength to help with the move.

I have to say, I am so grateful to be here at the beach where people flock to for relaxation time. It has made a tremendous impact on my healing. BTW, we named our beach house “Beach Blums” after our last name. Kevin’s first thought was to name it “Tash’s Treasure”. I thought that was the sweetest thing and for me this place will always be just that!


A week after moving in our daughter Chandler came to visit and we had a fabulous time! Thankfully it had been over two weeks since my second treatment and I was feeling good and we were able to enjoy going out and doing some touristy stuff as well as hanging out on the beach. It was so nice to be around her again. Kevin and I really have missed her!


Following Chandler’s visit came chemo treatment number three out of six. My halfway point!

As we drove to the Mobile Infirmary I prepared myself mentally for the long day ahead. Kevin was by my side, of course, preparing himself as well. I am so grateful he is able to be with me. I couldn’t imagine having to do this on my own.

Before I sat down in my favorite chair in the Chemotherapy room I had my blood drawn to check to make sure my body was strong enough to proceed with my treatment. I then visited with my Oncologist for a bit where I received some really great news. First, she informed me that my BRACAnalysis Genetic Testing results were in and that they came back negative. Yay!! That is fabulous news for my remaining treatment and fabulous news for my daughters as well. Also, when my doctor examined my breast to feel for the tumors she had trouble finding them and my blood work came back great! What a fabulous way to start my third treatment!


Then we were off to the chemo room. First I was given several anti nausea meds, and then my cocktails began flowing. About half way through I began feeling super tired and actually struggled to stay awake, but I didn't want to miss the moment. The chemo room was filled with patients and their loved ones sitting in their private areas watching television, talking, sleeping (some snoring) and snacking on the goodies that the cancer center provides for us. Nurses were kept busy moving from patient to patient administering the different chemo cocktails, each designed to fight whatever particular type of cancer each of us has. It was a room full of intense poison but also full of love and hope. It’s hard to explain, yet so real. I plan to video one of my upcoming treatments so that you can experience it all with me.  

Two days after treatment I was feeling the effects of the drugs.  The Nulesta shot that I received the day after treatment wore me out! I couldn’t even gather up enough energy to go walk. But all is well, I know it’s working and I know it will pass!

Eight days after treatment my dear friend Amy Vaughn came to visit for a few days. She arrived on Monday and stayed through Thursday. I cannot tell you how much her visiting did for me! I had been sleeping quite a bit and not feeling very good, but as soon as she came my energy returned. We had such a great time and we even filmed a short video to share with you all, "Good Friends & Good WIne Works Miracles":


By the way, to follow up on that video clip I wanted to share with you all a little something about this hair loss thing. You would think that having no hair would make things easier regarding getting ready for the day but no! It is actually been a big pain in the behind! I have a bunch of hats, but trying to find things to wear with them is craziness, and they're hot and not comfy. So in rebellion I have decided to just go bald and I feel so free! Kevin is all good with it and actually has given me a new nickname...Noggin. 

Once again, many thanks for all of the prayers, cards and gifts. I cannot tell you how good you all have made me feel. You are helping me to heal and I am so thankful for all of the love and positive energy! 

Love you!