Quick Update

Hi all! Kevin and I close on the house next week. As of yet we have not secured any corporate housing and do not have a contract on a beach property. It's a bit wild but we are all good. We both know that there has to be a reason why we haven't found our beach house yet. What that reason is only time will tell. 

Not having our corporate housing secured has been a little frustrating. We would like our housing to be in the same area where we want to live and the fact that Gulf Shores is a tourist area, corporate housing is slim. Every time they find something for us, we jump on it and then magically it is no longer available. It's kind of funny and quite similar to what our experience has been regarding the offers on the houses we have made thus far (other offers came in and they sold!) Needless to say the lack of options is moving us north, towards Mobile (over an hour away from Gulf Shores). 

On the upside, Kevin loves his new position! He's super happy, which makes me super happy. I have had to leave my job at Van Metre and the Appalachian Ballet Company. That has been very hard. We as a family had been there for over nine years (our daughters danced there) and I had worked there for the past seven. I have met so many amazing people through Van Metre and ABC, I watched lots of dancers grow up. It's a family there and I will miss them all immensely. 

I don't know what I will be doing as far as work is concerned, but Kevin really wants me to pursue my art. Yes, I am an artist, I paint. I absolutely love painting and this move will give me the time and inspiration to create! I plan to share my work as it evolves here on my personal lifestyle blog.

                                        This is an abstract acrylic on canvas piece I painted named "Deepened Appreciation" 

                                        This is an abstract acrylic on canvas piece I painted named "Deepened Appreciation" 

A little update on the girls, Chandler moved to Orlando and has an interview with Disney. She also plays the role of the "Elsa" the princess for an entertainment group. She's happy and doing fantastic. Brittany and Blake are still happy and doing amazing things. So proud of all three of them! 

Thank so much for checking in. Got to go pack!

Luv ya!