Second Time Around

                                                  Chandler & I in Gulf Shores, Alabama

                                                  Chandler & I in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Here's the latest update:

Chandler and I headed down to Gulf Shores last weekend to continue our search for a beach house (round two). We found several to look at in the Fort Morgan area again. The market is wild down there right now and houses are being sold as soon as they pop up on the market, so the pressure is definitely on! 

We found several homes right on the beach to see, most of them are used as rentals. We ended up finding a second tier beach house that had been for sale for almost two years! Needed a ton of work but again, great view. So we decided to make an offer with a contingency based on verification of zoning and insurance and of course a home inspection. And you're not going to believe what happened...yes! It sold, and not to us. Someone came in the day after our offer and once again offered cash with no contingency and the buyers took it. (I'm starting to see a pattern here). 

Yes, we are bummed, we have no home and we move to Alabama in a  couple of weeks, But, we do have faith and know the right one will come along and it's obvious that the right one hasn't. It's all kind of weird though.

Oh! and to top it off our relocation company is having a really tough time finding us some corporate housing down in the area we would like to be in. So at this point, I guess you can say Kevin and I are homeless. Chins up, right?

Of course, we are hopeful and trust that it all will work out in the end. It always does! It's just hard sometimes playing the waiting game, but again, we did want a new adventure. The positive thing in all of this is that Kevin and I are totally on the same page and nothing that "seems" to go wrong affects our relationship in any way. Honestly, we are closer than ever!

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Luv y'all!