Heading to the Beach

I wanted to start writing about the new adventure Kevin (my husband)  and I are about to plunge into, an adventure into the unknown! Well, unknown to us. I also thought it would be a great way for me to keep friends and family up to date with all the "stuff" going on in our lives.

Kevin and I have decided to make some big changes in our lives. We have been wanting to move to the beach for quite some time and an amazing opportunity for him has come up that would move us to the beach now! And with our oldest daughter Brittany married and living far far away from us and our younger daughter Chandler, newly graduated from college and headed to Orlando (she wants to work for Disney), which makes us empty nesters and we're still pretty young and adventurous, so why not? Well, after debating that question for months we decided to go for it! 

The house went up for sale and within 2 days it was sold! That's where we are at now. A contract on our home in Knoxville, TN and really no place to go yet. We are headed off to the Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores, Alabama area to try to find our "Beach House". 

My husband's new company wants us to move to the Gulf Coast. We have been diligently searching online up and down the Gulf to try to narrow down our possibilities and the Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores area hit the top of our list! 

We had never been to the beaches in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores and really didn't know what to expect. So on our first visit there we were pleasantly surprised to see such beautiful beaches covered in white sugar sand and emerald clear waters. Beautiful!

I absolutely LOVE watching and experiencing the sun coming up in the early morning and couldn't wait to get up early to see it come up here.  As you can see, it was absolutely breathtaking!


Sweet home Alabama! I'm sold and Kevin is loving it too. The house hunting begins!

We quickly learned where all of the real touristy stuff was and agreed that it's not where we wanted to be. We found an amazing area down towards Fort Morgan where we fell in love! People that live there call it "the island", and that is definitely what it looks like. It's about 20 minutes from all off the tourist attractions with the Gulf on one side and the Bay on the other and is absolutely beautiful! There's an actual Fort at the tip of the "island", a 7,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge, beautiful beaches and fabulous fishing. It's a gem! 

Houses down there sell very quickly and there wasn't a whole lot on the market. We did end up narrowing it down to one though, one that had been on the market for over a year and needed extensive updating but, it had amazing views and was a second tier house, so we made an offer. After a four day long house hunting trip we headed back for Knoxville. On the way to the airport we received a call from our realtor informing us the house had been sold the night before we made our offer. Disappointed but not totally heartbroken, we headed to what is still considered our home. That one just wasn't the right one, we both agreed and we both know and have total faith that the right one will come. We will keep you informed on the beach property progress!

Check back soon to stay in the loop.

Luv ya!