Radiation #21, Only 13 More to Go!

Hi All!  I'm so happy to say I am now more than halfway through with radiation, and I'm feeling great! The only thing that I notice is that I'm needing a little extra sleep. Otherwise, I'm kickin' butt! I am so excited to be on track with all of this. I have 13 more treatments as of today and if I don't miss a day I will be finished by the end of the year, which was my goal.

Great things are happening! My hair is growing in (not sure what color it is yet), my eyebrows are back and I have little tiny eyelashes sprouting. Of course, hair is growing back everywhere else as well, which means I have to shave again, but that's OK, I'll take it! My nails are great and I haven't suffered any nerve damage. I'm not experiencing any more side effects from the chemo and no side effects from radiation except for needing the extra sleep. Oh, and I'm fully recovered from my surgery. Life is good!


So here's how my radiation treatments work. I have a total of 34 and I go everyday (Mon.-Fri.). Each lasts about a total of 10 minutes. I go in, undress my top half, lay on my special pillow and then get zapped for about 5 minutes. I meditate the entire time so it seems like seconds instead of minutes. After that I'm done! On Mondays I also see the doctor, so that day is a little longer. The hardest part is the 40 minute drive each way. Since it's everyday I usually go by myself, but Kevin has tagged along some. Here is a short video he took one day while tagging along:

The treatments themselves are a piece of cake. You don't feel a thing! My skin, where they are focusing the laser, is a bit red and quite tan.  A little bit of a sun rash has developed as well, but as long as I refrain from scratching all is good. I put fresh Aloe Vera gel (from a plant) on the treated area twice a day, along with some cocoa butter and lavender oil and this special gel the doc gave me. So far so good! 

I haven't traveled since the beginning of my chemo treatments but now that I am doing so well the doc gave me the OK, so we decided to visit our daughter Chandler in Orlando for Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time! We ate, drank and played a lot!  She took us to Epcot and Animal Kingdom and to the Grand Floridian for dinner. The weather was perfect and we even got to hang out by the pool at the resort we stayed at.  


One of Chandler's really good friends Madison (she's my friend too) and her manager Anita, did something really special for me when we went to the Grand Floridian for dinner. I have talked about all of the love that has been showered upon me during this journey of mine and this is one more of those stories.

Following our amazing dinner Madison comes walking up with this beautiful tray full of amazing desserts, all beautifully decorated and presented it to me as a congratulations celebration treat for getting through chemo. I was so surprised! It was the sweetest thing and I thought it to be share worthy for sure. It had one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney on it (they had no idea it was one of my favorites). So awesome! Many thank you's to Madison and her manager Anita for doing such a thoughtful thing like that for me. I will never forget it!


As I sit here coming to a close on this post, I find myself in such gratitude for all that has transpired over the last 6 months. It has changed my life forever! I have no regrets and wouldn't change a thing. As I get closer to completing my treatments I will change my focus on this blog from being all about me. Instead I will focus on how I can be of help to others. I'm not sure how that will play out, but I know it's my destiny to do so. 

I appreciate everyone who prays for me and for those who send me love and inspiration. I cannot express enough how special you all are. 

Love you all!