Can Being Thankful Bring You True Happiness

Hi All! I just finished radiation treatment #12, which leaves 22 more to go. It's flying by! It is also the week of Thanksgiving and as much as I want to share videos and photos of my radiation treatments, I’ve decided to let that go until next week and focus this post on a couple of other things, feeling good and being thankful.

Every year we all sit down around the table with family and friends and indulge in savory casseroles, a big glorious bird and lots of sweet and succulent desserts. Giving thanks with family, enjoying food and having fun is a wonderful thing and is definitely worthy of the day we set aside each year to celebrate thankfulness.

Most of us look forward to holidays like this and the pleasure it brings. What if we take those great experiences and nail down why we enjoy them so much. Yes, the food is good and tastes fabulous and yes, being around the people we love laughing and telling stories is great but why do we seek out these type of gatherings in the first place? It's all about the way it makes us feel. Yes, how we feel is where the true enjoyment comes from.

Now, what if we could take that feeling, not the whole aspect of the eating and socializing, but just zeroing in on the “feeling” and apply that same feeling to every moment of our lives? You may think  there's no way this is possible, but it is! Learning to allow yourself to feel good is actually the key to happiness. 

So how do we learn how to do this? Did you know that we can choose that feeling of goodness anytime we want? This is something that I discovered while my hair was falling out in clumps and while I was sitting in a chemo room getting pumped up with drugs and while I was getting wheeled into an operating room. I had a choice to either feel devastation and sorrow or I could choose to feel loved, serene and excited about the moment. I chose the positive side of the spectrum of feelings, which in turn brought me nothing but happiness. That’s really what we all really want deep down, to feel good all of the time and to be happy.

Losing My Hair

Making the choice to feel good and to train my thoughts to think right wasn’t easy at first, but the more I practiced it the easier it got. Now, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel vibrant and full of love for life! Why am I sharing this with you? Because more than anything, I want for everyone to feel happy as well. That’s why I thought this Thanksgiving week was a good time for me to talk to you about this.  

So now let’s go back to how great we feel on Thanksgiving Day eating, drinking and having fun and feeling really good. The next day we wake up and boom, it hits us! We start thinking about the day before, the ABUNDANT amount of food that we ate, the several pieces of pie and all of those cookies, not to mention the several glasses of wine. Ugh! Now that great feeling you had yesterday just got squelched and is replaced with a bad feeling of guilt and regret. Why though? Why do we do this to ourselves? The only thing that focusing on a bad feeling is going to do for us is bring us more of the same, which for many of us ends up ruining our day and may even end up ruining it for the others that are around us as well.

Of course this is just one scenario that can be played out in many ways through many situations, but you know what I’m getting at. These minds of ours tend to go down those roads where we have traveled most in the past and end up taking us right back where we don’t want to be, in the dump! Why not instead when waking up start the day with gratitude and remind ourselves of how great the prior day was and how good we felt. Then get out of bed and put on some music that gets us excited about the day or read something inspirational and uplifting, maybe head outside for a short walk with nature,or even just take a few minutes to think about someone that you love,  just finding something that makes us feel good while starting the day gets us headed in the right direction. Then we are better equipped to avoid those arrows of negative thoughts that may come at us throughout the day and if they do, we just stop them in their tracks by finding better thoughts to replace them with, thoughts that are more pleasing and that make us feel good. That's the ticket…feeling good! Find something that makes you feel good always, all of the time! When you can do that you will find happiness.

I’m certainly not advocating doing something that makes you feel good if what your doing can hurt someone else, that can’t possibly feel good! What I am advocating is finding alignment with who you are, which is an amazing human created to live a life filled with happiness.

I've  barely scratched the surface on this subject (I will go into more details regarding this brain training process in future writings) but one thing is for sure, knowing that it all begins with our thoughts is a great place to start and what better way to begin training our thoughts than to find ways to be thankful and ways to feel good. 

So this Thanksgiving Day, let’s all make the choice to be grateful for all that we have in our lives, even if the circumstances we are in seem bleak. Let’s find ways to bring ourselves into a balance of wellness and find ways to feel good. Be thankful for who you are, because you really are amazing and lovely and there is not another person alive that is like you, not one! 

I would like to close this post by adding my "Ten Tips to a Thankful Thanksgiving" and by thanking you for reading. I'm  extremely thankful for all of you who have been praying for me and sending healing thoughts my way. You are very special! My prayer is that we all find true, lasting happiness within ourselves and in turn make this world a better place. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ten Tips To a Thankful Thanksgiving

Love you all!