Getting Zapped!

Hi All! Today was radiation #3. That leaves 31 to go! So far so good. I'm still feeling great and loving life! 

My special pillow!

My special pillow!

I really like my Radiologist Oncologist and the sweet gals who do my treatments. Everyone in that office is super nice and they make me feel at home. Once again I feel blessed. 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to get radiation? Well, I sure did and now I know. The experience itself is quite simple and quick, takes only a few minutes. Of course I have to deal with a 40 minute drive each way, but the treatment itself is a piece of cake. Once I get there I just walk on back to "the room", strip off my upper half, get situated on the machine where my special pillow is waiting for me and then get zapped. After a few minutes of the therapy I'm done! You don't feel a thing. 

Getting ready to get zapped!

Getting ready to get zapped!

I had lots of questions today for the doc about how all of this works. My understanding is there's a special kind of high energy beam that is used to damage cancer cells. These high energy beams, which are invisible to the human eye, damage a cell's DNA, the material cells use to divide.

So what about the good cells? Well, they get zapped too, but the cancer cells get effected more than the normal cells. Cancer cells are very busy growing and multiplying — 2 activities that can be slowed or stopped by radiation damage. Because cancer cells are less organized than normal cells, it's harder for them to repair the damage done by radiation. The healthy cells reproduce and repair themselves while the cancer cells die.  

Now my question was, why are we doing this when they got all of the cancer that was leftover from chemo out of my body during my surgery? The answer is quite simple...clean up! It helps in preventing reoccurrence. Individual cancer cells are too small to see or feel and sometimes during surgery some can be left behind. Any that are left behind will divide and divide and divide creating a new tumor. Radiation is the clean up crew that comes in and zaps away any of those little buggers that are left behind.

Research has shown that women who have a partial mastectomy (lumpectomy) and then radiation are more likely to live longer and remain cancer free longer than those who don't do radiation. Studies show a 60-70% greater risk of the cancer returning in women who do not have the radiation after the lumpectomy. 

Other than my newest daily chore, nothing else exciting is going on here. I'm feeling great, still full of energy (thank you Plexus!), meditating, walking on the beach and oh of course, painting! I am working on getting a collection together to start selling online so be watching! 


Once again, many thanks to everyone who thinks good thoughts for me and sends prayers my way. You're awesome! 

Love you all!