An Issue Dear to My Heart

Hi All! 

Yes, it's October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, this month means so much to me. Not only am I dealing with Breast Cancer, but my surgery is this month. Next Wednesday as a matter of fact! I have so wanted to get involved with one of the walking events but all of the local events take place after my surgery and I just don't know what kind of condition I will be in. So writing this post is one way I can hopefully make a difference by bringing attention to the cause. 

Many people get tired of the pink but I have to say, it gets attention! When you see it during the month of October you definitely think of Breast Cancer. So it works! We all think of mammograms, self checks, breast cancer research and so on, but one thing I want to be sure does not get left out of the awareness is the love that comes along with such a sucky disease. 

Since this all began for me back in April, I have encountered so much love! I have had dozens of lovely gifts sent to me, cards galore, lots of support from all of my Facebook Friends and tons of love, support and visits from dear friends and family. Also, this whole thing has opened up so many opportunities for me to strike up conversations with strangers, which has led to some amazing new friendships and given myself and others opportunities to share our stories. Many of the people I have had the privilege of meeting and hearing about their stories have been current cancer patients or cancer survivors, not all of them BC (breast cancer) related. None the less the camaraderie was there! 

There have also been several occasions where I have been out to dinner somewhere and met a BC sister and without my knowledge they have paid for my meal. One time total strangers from another table that we never even spoke to covered our entire table's check (and it wasn't cheap!) On all of those occasions I didn't find out these people had done these things until they were long gone. That's how they wanted it. Each time my family and I were blown away and so were the servers that were able to witness the love. Talk about tears! So to all of you who bless in secret like that, may you all be blessed ten time more! Such love is felt and appreciated!

So for me, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about love first, then everything else. I don't want to quote all of the statistics (frankly it's just too negative!) we are all aware of them. But I want to encourage all women to do their self checks, get your mammograms and get involved with helping us find a cure for this disease. One thing I learned from my personal survey that I conducted was that many women rarely self check, if at all. Especially the younger woman. The most common thing I hear is "I don't know what I'm looking for". Well Plexus Worldwide has developed a fabulous tool for self checking breasts. This month, October 2015, they are offering a special buy one get one free offer and donating part of the proceeds to BC awareness. Please consider buying one for yourself and giving one away to someone you love. I am purchasing some for my daughters. Please join me! (Use the promo code BOGO FREE when checking out).

One last thing I want to mention is that several years ago my family and I lost an amazing woman to BC, my husband's Aunt Donna. This woman was one of the most spectacular person I had ever known. She was beautiful, full of life, full of love and didn't deserve to go through what she did. So I would like to dedicate this blog post to Aunt Donna! We miss you girl!


Many thanks once again to all of the love you all share with me. 

Love ~Tash 

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Disclosure: Please note that I am a Plexus Ambassador.