I Have Some Fabulous News to Share!

Hi All!

I just left my surgeons office where I had the follow up from my surgery and it went really well! My doctor said everything was removed with great margins and no bad cells were found in the margins. I am cancer free!! I'm healing really well, my body is working perfectly and repairing quickly. I am so thrilled with all of the news they shared with me yesterday that I actually did a few leaps and turns while dancing a celebration dance.


I know there will be many out there that will say that you can’t really ever say you are cancer free because it could reoccur, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that right here, right now, I am free! And I will do all I can to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy so that it will never return again! 

So here is the scoop, we went over all of my scans I had prior to surgery and absolutely nothing showed up anywhere in my body except the tumor which had shrunk almost half in size from the chemo. The chemo did its job! The other cool thing is the sentinel lymph node (sentinel node is defined as the first lymph node to which cancer cells spread to from a primary tumor) that had been biopsied and was positive with cancer didn’t show up at all on any of the scans, it was gone. But, protocol and our agreement was they would go in and remove the lymph node that had previously showed cancer (this node had a marker in it from the biopsy which identified which one it was and they also used a radioactive dye to help locate it) and then sent it off to pathology during surgery to test. If it were to come back negative we were good to go, but if came back positive all of the nodes would be removed. I had been in constant prayer and meditation on this and hundreds of other people were as well, so I just knew it would come back clear. And sure enough, it did! There was absolutely no sign of cancer, just fibrous tissue! What a praise! (I will discuss more regarding this node in my next post, after I see my Oncologist next week).

I have to brag on my surgeon, Dr. Patterson for a moment. She did such an amazing job on my partial mastectomy and port removal! The procedure once again is called Oncoplastic Surgery and I highly recommend anyone receiving a lumpectomy seek out doctors who perform this type of surgery. The lumpectomy is performed right along with the reconstruction leaving the breast to look as if nothing happened. It is truly amazing! The incisions are internal and no big gouge is left behind. To be honest, the breast looks better than before and totally matches the other one. Please spread the news about this amazing procedure!

The other really cool thing they did was implant a tissue marker that contains three-dimensional marker clips in my breast in the exact spot where the tumor and tissue was removed. This amazing marker is called BioZorb. This marker can be easily visualized and helps target the radiation therapy to a smaller target area, which results in less radiation to normal tissues. It provides a stable 3-D identification of where the tumor was prior to removal, to help with treatment and longer-term follow-ups and it’s also very helpful in protecting healthy tissues surrounding the area were the tumor was removed from radiation therapy, leaving patients, like me, more satisfied with the cosmetic result after treatment. How exciting is that? So again, please spread the news about this amazing device! Women need to know they have options.

My husband and I were so excited to hear about all of the positive results that we decided to go celebrate and give thanks for the fabulous news. 


I see my Oncologist and my Radiation Oncologist next week and hopefully within the next two to three weeks I will begin radiation. I want to have all of my healing treatments completed by the end of this year. I want the New Year to begin fresh and free. I will update you all next week.

Once again, I cannot thank all of you amazing people enough for your positive energy, thoughts and prayers. It has made a huge impact on my healing! Hugs to you all!


I am free!

Love you all!