Hi, I'm Natasha but everyone calls me Tash. I'm really glad you stopped by. Let me start by saying that life really is amazing, you are really amazing, we all are really amazing and have tons to offer this world! Life brings us all great times and not so great times, but what I have learned through it all is how important perspective is. It's everything!  My hope is that you'll find something here that resonates with you and sparks an interest for you to return. 

A little about me:

In April 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That rocked our world. I went on a rampage to find out why it all happened and what I could do to overcome it. On my journey through this experience I learned many things about what true health and happiness is and it includes the body, mind and soul. I am now on a mission to share that with the world! 

I've been married to my best friend Kevin for 27 years. I was born and raised in southern California and moved to the south, Tennessee that is, about 20 years ago and then here to Gulf Shores 2 years ago. My husband and I have two amazing 20-something daughters, Brittany & Chandler, an amazing son-in-law Blake, and 2 frisky kitties, Piper & Max.

We homeschooled both of our daughters who have grown to be two very amazing, beautiful & quite successful young women whom we are very proud of! 

I've been a homeschool mom and I've taught pre-school and kindergarten for many years as well as several other grade levels. I 'm also a dance mom and lover of the arts and have worked as an office manager for a dance school and non-profit regional ballet company for over 7 years. I'm an artist, a Certified Wellness Coach and Plexus Worldwide Ambassador.

Some of my favorite things to do are: writing, painting, hanging out with my family, the beach, meeting up with the girls, wine, good food, traveling, reading and listening to inspiring authors, exercising, yoga, learning, trying new things and creating anything and everything I can think of!

My passion is life, people and all things beautiful. This passion sprouted about 2 years ago when I had an experienced that changed the way I think and see things. I know now that we are ALL worthy and deserving of all things good. That is why I have been inspired to create this lifestyle, mindfulness and personal growth blog, so that I can share with others what I have learned. I can attest to the fact that thinking is creating. So let's design life intentionally. I hope you will join me in learning, growing, connecting and creating an amazing, fulfilled life!